About This Blog

Growing up, I always had a clear picture of where I was supposed to be. Dancing, diploma, degree… All was pretty much laid out for me including the standard “post-graduation Europe trip”. The next step never required all that much reflection.

But when I flew home from Paris and landed at my mother’s doorstep in dreary rain-sodden November in suburban Vancouver, penniless, jobless and goal-less, my next move wasn’t so cut and dry. 

I was forced to ponder the question so loved among children, but so hated among recent graduates:
“What do you want to do when you grow up?”
(Really. I somehow landed an interview in a commercial real estate firm on the 10th floor of a shiny high rise downtown and the woman had the audacity to ask me that in a highly sarcastic tone. As much as I found the comment insulting, it did point to something: I clearly had no idea what my future goals looked like and would hardly be considered an asset in their company as a result).

Or better yet, “An arts degree eh? So what are you going to do with that?”
I’ve thankfully passed what seems to be the lowest of this stage, but the more I talk with friends, the more I realize that many people pass through this awkward phase of transition. 

This blog captures my journey to discover what’s right for me, what I need, what makes me happy, what enlightens me, and hopefully pass on a few things I wish I had known a little earlier now that I’m in my twenties, graduated, and starting my “real life”. Clarity and bliss. Clarity in developing mindfulness and open mindedness, and bliss in finding acceptance and knowing how to enjoy it.